Driving the King to the edge

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Driving the King to the edge with Bishop and Knight.

In the previous lesssons about this endgame we have seen how to drive the King on the edge to the right corner and how to mate the King with only a Bishop and a Knight. Now we will see how to drive the King to the edge.

In the diagram below the starting position of our pieces is far from optimal and gives us something to do. It will take us a lot of moves before we are able to get Black checkmated.

We will start by moving our pieces to the centre. These pieces are needed to drive the opponent’s King out of the centre. This turns out to be relatively simple.
Another method to drive the King to the edge is for example by means of the Deletang’s triangles.
Infomation about this method and a lot of other information about this endgame can be found at the blogsite of Mostly Chess Tactics, as mentioned before.

In order to pay more attention to the most difficult parts of this endgame I’ll add another lesson named KBN-K revisited.

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