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The best way to improve your chess game is to start improving your tactical skills and to learn the principles of endgame and opening play. Despite of the fact that most beginners start by studying opening moves this hardly contributes to a better understanding of the game.
Understanding a chess opening means that you are able to make use of the fact that the other player plays a rather strange move. After memorizing some chess openings you are only able to do the right move as long as the other player follows the well-known opening lines.
Furthermore the goal of the chess game is to mate the opposite king, which is one of the reasons that we have to start at the end. It is also easier to comprehend the collaboration of the few pieces that are left in the endgame and it turns out that as soon as you understand these endgames you will know what to do in the middle game in order to reach a favorable endgame.

This is one of the reasons why studying endgames is so useful.

On the other hand we have to know the chess rules.

You may want to continue by learning:
 - some basic checkmates
 - how to checkmate with the queen?
 - how to checkmate with the rook?

or do you want to do some mate in one exercises?

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